The Alliance /L’Alliance

The Alliance/L’Alliance (aka the Economic Equity Alliance /EEA) is a two-year project, funded by the Department of Women and Gender Equality (WAGE ).

This project brings together practitioners and activists to organize an advocacy campaign focused on amplifying the voices and needs of self-employed Canadian entrepreneurs and workers.

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Why are we doing it

Self-employed entrepreneurs – which includes women-identified entrepreneurs, early-stage entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, writers, seniors, and students – are invisible to policymakers.

This means that they’re often left out of programs and supports that are designed to help entrepreneurs be successful and potentially grow their ventures.

If there is to be an impactful, systemic change in how policy and legislation includes the diverse needs of entrepreneurs, we need collective action

How we’re doing it

This project’s goals are simple

The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC) received funding to bring together organizations from across Canada that haven’t worked together before, that represent the unique needs of marginalized entrepreneurs and the self-employed, and then design and launch an advocacy campaign.

We all agree that we may have a common agenda, but that lived experiences may look very different, and those diverse voices need to be amplified. We have grounded this project in the principles of collective action while centering equity , inclusion, diversity, and accessibility.

We aren’t independently deciding on the issue, tools, or processes. We’ll be making decisions as a collective and we hope to work together, not demand that we all do the exact same thing.

Project Advisors

The following organizations are working with The Alliance as advisors

Advisors are organizations that are not attending monthly meetings, but available to share their expertise with The Alliance ad hoc.

Project Team

The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC) exists to improve the quality of life for women-identifying and non-binary business owners in Canada through advocacy with policymakers, and to build a healthier and more inclusive Canadian economy. We are here to amplify their stories and their voices.

CanWCC is responsible for the coordination and logistics of the project and for establishing the Economic Equity Alliance (EEA), and reporting back to WAGE.

Download our Report

Download Invisible Entrepreneurs: The Impact of Small Policy Neglect on Self-Employed Individuals (available in English and French)

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